voice overs, radio imaging, narration
voice overs, radio imaging, narration voice overs, radio imaging, narration

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Susanna Fera - Professional Female Voiceovers

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ISDN, MP3, Real Audio and CD voiceover formats available and more.
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Jingles, Theme Songs, Scores, and Custom Music from Arrington Music
Jingles, Theme Songs, Instrumental Scores, Custom Music for Media.

Dan Fissel Custom Music
Quality Custom Music For ANY production. Jingles, Film Scores, Soundtracks, Production Beds, On-Hold Music. Production for Radio/TV commericals. Aimed primarily at Ad Agencies, Production Companies, and Small Businesses.

Marc Graue Voiceover Recording Studios Burbank
Voiceover,demos,radio,TV,commercials,cartoons,video games,promos,movie trailers and ISDN are all recorded at Marc Graue Voiceover Recording Studios in Burbank. This is where the pros go!

Media Movers ..... We speak world's language - film dubbing,dubbing,foreign language dubbing, subtitles and dubbing, translation dubbing,dubbing narration
Full service localization company offering services in dubbing,subtitling,translation, voiceover in Indian,Asian & European languages.

Editsuite.com : Home
Online Resources for Post Production Editors. User Groups Accom Axial, Abekas Dveous, and Zaxcom Arria Products. Listings of Post Production Editors, Edit Suites, and Vendors.


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Susanna -- these voice prompts are fantastic, you do really great work. Thanks again!
Excellent job on the recording! I'm extremely happy with the results.
Rory Groves President, Eden Systems International

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